Sassyy Coaching with Jahari

Expect To Revitalize Your Sassy

Sassyy Coaching services 

Sassyy or sassi Coaching NOTES

encourage, empower, & equip women to regain connect to their femininity sass

Sassyy coaching mission is to empower YOU to FEEL the feelings. 

because until a woman can FEEL she is fabulous, pretty, sassy, sexy, all the talking, mantras, and reading books it's all in vain. when I started my journey some 20+ years ago I read books, paid for programs, followed some awesome coaches. But it was not until I learned to FEEL  I was deserving of love, I could love myself even if NO one else did! Music has always been my journey partner...

it was 2004 I purchased my dream car " 1999 corvettte" 


Most have a life coach, financial coach, fitness coach, business coach. confidence coach and the list goes on, you get the picture.

Sassyy Coaching will provide working one -on -one with a client

to regain her sassy.


>>>>Helping - teaching women to regain their sassy is priceless, helping - teaching them to feel like a sexy Goddess priceless.  learning to tap into my feminine powers has helped me to become stronger in ALL other aspects of my life. masculinity is not where we as women want to spend most of our time. when we strut in our innate power as a woman we are unstoppable, irresistible, a man loves a woman who is a lady and a leader.


What qualifies me to teach these skills: my life experiences  

EX. I just don't walk as I use too. :


Sassyy coaching

#1 step up an appointment or phone conference  to discuss the details

#2 fill out a survey of questions: what outcome are you expecting, when do you feel like you lost your strut, Can't walk in her heels, would like to learn to walk in 4-inch heels.

#3 meet to plan a strategy to help Goddess with her strut. 

#4 ** Dance studio** Mirrors transformation ( need a new word)>>>> Using the studio for mirror work is not profitable. 

12 session @ 30.per = $360 for course - $600 for the studio ... NO!  

#5  Pay for the course, pick a start date STRUT


Sassyy coach is 75% fitness 25%

My mission is to rewrite the meaning of F.L.Y. ~ First Love Yourself.

my ideal clients are

*Women who have been struggling to quite those negative voices, keeping them from stepping into their feminine power. 


*Women who have never felt pretty felt good enough.

 *Women who may have had trails to overcome, illness, abuse, divorce.

 Marketing piece >>>>> ** Women who have buried their past and now are ready to uncover and take this journey with some who have taken the journey and came out triumph!! Yes Jahari

The dance floor is my training ground, fitness is your bounce! 

Let me talk to the OLD SCHOOL thinking ladies: It's time to unlearn those lies that were placed on you. 

* sassy-sexy was for loose women

* sassy for the women of the night ( Streetwalkers- prostitute )

* Men don't marry bad girls.

* We are men-pleasers - men control the bedroom

We were created with a feminine side. Yes, church women, you have a feminine side. Amen

If you have not YET learned to be sassy, have an input in the bedroom 

Let's chat. 

I can hear some of you saying

* " I can't afford that program" 

* "I'm too old for change"

* " What will people say?"

What I discovered is that I could not

***continue to carry the lies,

***listen to the negative thoughts of myself

*** longing to look like my favorite singer 

*** Gaining weight because you have not unpacked the backpack of the pass ( weight gain could stem from the pass)  

*** It's okay to give MY permission the become the woman I was destined to be.

*** it's easier to stay stuck, than to F.L.Y.~ First Love Yourself

*** most of all I could not and would not LIVE unhappy another 5, 10, 15 years.


Goddess, we walk into our favorite shoe store, OMG I have to try on that shoe. You proceed to put it on your foot, take a look in the mirror and we are in love we must take this pair of shoe home with us. knowing it is $50 over our budget. How many ways can we think of how to pay for this pair of shoes?  


Who's sassy would you like to have?_____________________________

why? _________________________________


I train YOU ( women)how to try on your own sassy.  Are you trying on, or emulating your favorite singer or movie star sassy? (ie J-Lo, Beyonce, Taraji, Viola) and more.

Sassy Classics:

* Tina Turner

* Janet Jackson


* Donna Summers

* Lola F  and more.

# Shopping for a little black dress....

#Shopping for Hair accessories 

# A sassy performance for partner 

Jahari's keynote presentations: 

Jahari is a visual strategist 


Enjoy a keynote presentation with a radically fresh-unique sassy point of view. 

From interactive hands-on experience to the story behind Jahari your sassyy coach's own impact &  Entrepreneurial journey Sassycise dance fitness.  

** The founder and workshop facilitator

** Jahari's hands-on  & speaking workshop teaching you to F.L.Y. ~ First Love yourself...

will aspire your audience to think and have an ah-hah moment and strut differently. 

 *be prepared to picture yourself in an entirely different way!

* Jahari is passionate about expanding women's definition of loving themselves.