Sassycise Dance Fitness 


Creator and Instructor Jahari

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*Do you long to put away self-doubt
*Self-criticism, and feelings of unworthiness
*Do you find loving yourself a difficult task       
*  Think, You're lost your sassiness, Think Again!
* From your First Session, You'll change your mind!
Goddess, let's chat...
Sassycise Dance Fitness was created for grown, classy, and sassy women ready to reconnect, discover, and explore their femininity. Combining Burlesque, and Belly Dance movements for training and dance fitness.
Over the years, I've listened to women who have placed themselves and their sassiness on the back burner, and some have never learned how to tap into their femininity. The reasons vary from motherhood, workaholic, etc. The bottom line as women we give too much of ourselves to others and have lost touch with who we are.
It does not matter if you are single, married, 40 to 104; Jahari will equip you to quiet those negative voices in your head and reconnect to your feminine energy.
If you are READY to reconnect or discover your sassy persona, you're found the right program. Click the Ms.SDF Logo

How Do I Know, Because I Have Walked In The Those Shoes!

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Private Session Available Now! 

Group Courses Restarting In September 2021

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