Sassycise Dance Fitness

Join the F.L.Y. Movement

F.L.Y. ~ First Love Yourself


4 hours of personal training$75.00

Hips & Heels Sass

Expect To Revitalize My Sassy Confidence

Course restarting    September 2020


Improve fluidity, grace, hips range of motion.

Ignite your innate feminine superpower.


Beginner's heels course


A fusion of today's & yesterday's music


Focus on stamina, core & legs

Sassycise doesn't own the photo. Photo credits~


Full-body toning


High heels or stilettos not required

Hips & heels dance fitness can be performed in a comfortable strap heel shoes or character shoes. Wear/ or bring leggings, fitted tank top. Reserve your floor space below NOW!

$75.00 -provides 4 hours of  personal training per month

$130.00 -provides 

8 hours of  personal training for two months 

The course fee is NON-refundable! Fees are transferable, must use the credit within two weeks!