Sassycise Dance Fitness 

Creator ~ Jahari

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 Goddess, let's chat...

Over the past eight years, I've experienced women attending the Santa Baby Burlesque Workshop with NO clue that they were created to be feminine, sassy, sexy, with their own unique beauty. 


It saddens me that women have been taught sassy, femininity is equivalent to unladylike, women of the night, big butts and boobs are beautiful. 

 Goddess, I'm not encouraging you to raise your hemline nor put the tata's on display, and twerking is not part of Sassycise Dance fitness!


As your flight instructor, my mission is to change the perception of femininity and redefine sexily.


After years of preparing women to F.L.Y., Strut, and earn their Ph.D. Status; I assure you after one session with me you know that your sassy doesn't have an expiration date.


Are you wondering where you should start; right where you are. Just because you may feel you're not sexy, doesn't mean you can't be. Your first step is the desire to try on your OWN sassy, sexy self!  


** Our discussion about reclaiming and embracing your sexy, has nothing to do with what a man finds sexy. Because sexy is not about what someone else thinks. 

 Jahari's Institute is here to empower women to feel confident, comfortable, joyous, and fall in LOVE with yourself. 

Hello Goddess, let's chat...
Over the past 10 years, I've heard from women who have placed themselves and their sassiness on the back burner, and some have never learned how to tap into their femininity. The reasons vary from motherhood, workaholic, etc. Bottom line we as women give too much of ourselves to others and have lost touch with who we are.

Whether you are single, married, 40 to 104; Jahari's Institute & Sexycise Fitness will empower you to quiet those negative voices in your head, and equip you to F.L.Y. ~ First Love Yourself

*Do you long to put away self - doubt,                           self-criticism and feelings of unworthiness?
** Do you find loving yourself a difficult task?        *** Have you lost your sassiness?