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Hello Goddess,  I'm Jahari Your


* Your Flight Instructor & Sassy Coach

*Founder & C.E.O. of Jahari's Institute non -profit

* Creator of Sassycise Dance Fitness

*Founder & Editor in Chief of F.L.Y. & Sassy Magazine


 I am passionate about expanding the definition of loving yourself. My mission is to aspire women to regain and embrace their femininity, restore women globally to their Goddess status, and encourage, empower, & equip women to  F.L.Y. ~ First Love Yourself.


Jahari's F.L.Y. Institute is designed to aspire women to readjust their crown, mend their broken wings, overcome some of the more unfortunate aspects of adolescence; feelings of unattractiveness, and insignificance, a challenging past, recovering from illness, divorce, postpartum, eliminate body shame and develop a positive view of their femininity, fall in love with themselves and becoming fit.


Why should you choose me as you F.L.Y. & Sassy Coach?


Darling, I have walked in those shoes you may be wearing at this very moment.

Sassy Coaching was founded on my personal journey to FLIGHT!.

*Do you find loving yourself a difficult task?  

*Do you long to quiet the negative voices of self-criticism?

* Think you have lost your sassy; think again!

So be prepared to see yourself and strut in an entirely different way!


Coming Soon F.L.Y. & Sassy Me Online Radio Show Sundays@7pm



1989-2006- Certificates of appreciation - University of Phoenix, Aflac, and a Numerous

amount of Teacher - Educational Awards

2007- Beauty Make-Up Certificate

2008 - Completed master level Belly Dance

2012- Certified Flirty Girl Fitness 
2012 - Phenomenon Women Strut Award - By Dr.Tripplet
2012- Judge for UCF Shimmy Knights Belly Dance Troupe

2013 - Director of Powerful Women Networking 

2016- Workshop with iconic models


Jahari, Your Flight & Sassy Coach specializes in teaching YOU to regain and embrace YOUR femininity & Restoring women to their Goddess Status.



On a personal note, I'm a retired pre-school educator and private school owner, married over 25 years to  Lloyd, Mother of a one son Wandari, grandmother of an amazing granddaughter and our pet chihuahua Coco.

Jahari sitting chair 2.png
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